Our haunting new single is out now!

Check out our new song “Everlasting Faint (The Tale of the Greenbrier Ghost)” . It’s the true story of Elva Zona Heaster Shue, a young woman from Greenbrier County WV, who was strangled by her husband because he didn’t like the stew that she made for his dinner. He then covered up the murder. Elva Zona’s ghost appeared to her mother so that the truth would be known. It’s one of the few cases in US history where the testimony of a ghost was accepted in a court of law. Listen to the song to see what happened!

And on October 28, we will be releasing the music video that we shot on location at Elva Zona’s gravesite. Stay tuned! We’ll send a link.

We are using this song to help raise money for the Family Refuge Center in Greenbrier County, West Virginia that helps victims of Domestic Violence in a three county area. Please give if you can!

Thank You!

Love y’all!


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